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The Pan Masala Division of the Dhariwal Industries Ltd., a company under the brand leadership of the Manikchand Group, manufactures Tobacco, Pan Masala and Mouth Fresheners. We pioneered Jarda way back in 1959 in food grade poly packs. In 1991, we revolutionized the country's palate by introducing premium range of Pan Masala and Gutkha products. Taste connoisseurs across 50 countries loved our products and soon established us as leaders among Pan Masala and Gutkha products.
From traditional recipes that use ingredients like natural perfumes, premium cardamom, saffron, betel nut and catechu to more contemporary and innovative blends ensuring a lingering & refreshing taste, our products have firmly established their quality and superiority among our patrons.
Besides our tobacco products, we have also introduced to the market various innovative non-tobacco, non-betel nut and non-catechu products. Our Calcutta meetha pan, is such an innovation made from Calcutta meetha patta and select natural ingredients like dates, cardamom, mint, etc. Our aim is to give our patrons the real authentic taste in a convenient and hygienic form.
Winner of Star Export Award and Certificate of Excellence
We don’t just live up to our brand, we live it! Following our brand philosophy - Oonche Log, Oonchi Pasand – our pan masala division was soon soaring heights of success. We were awarded with the Star Export Award and Certificate of Excellence for two consecutive years. At Vadodara, we achieved a remarkable feat of 100% EOU! Our products are exported to the US, Gulf countries and Africa. Our world-class manufacturing facilities at Vadodara and Bangalore exemplify modern technology harnessed effectively to the traditional demands of Pan Masala making.
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